Tailored Billing Solutions:

Financial Flexibility for Optimal

Cash Flow Management


Tailored Billing Solutions:

Financial Flexibility for Optimal

Cash Flow Management

Flexible Payment Options

Through our partner, Climb Channel Solutions, we offer partners the ability to select customized billing features that best suit your individual budgetary requirements. With several options to choose from, you will have the capability to properly forecast your cash flow for outgoing expenses.

Our flexible financing options provide our customers with immediate purchasing power to capture full sales potential. By delaying cash outflows, this makes it possible for you to maximize the benefits of every dollar attached to your fiscal operation.

Why Finance?

  • Preserve capital for business needs

  • Tailor payments to your budget requirements

  • Realize potential off-balance-sheet benefits

  • Keep your customers from owning obsolete assets

  • Leverage easy upgrade opportunities

  • Finance 100% of the total solution

  • Match the contract terms to the expected useful life of the solutions you’re selling

  • Apply multi-year financing to software licenses, subscriptions and services

  • No large down payments, client list reviews, cash-flow projections or blanket liens

Comprehensive Services Programs

Traditional Payment Methods

Pre-paid Program

  • Orders are pre-paid prior to shipment via wire transfer, check or ACH

  • For Wire/ACH instructions contact

Credit Card

  • Climb Channel Solutions accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®

Net Terms

  • Credit limits greater than $25,000 may require financial statements for review

  • Possible additional security requirements – UCC filing with security agreement
  • Term accounts will be charged a convenience fee of 3% if Term invoices are paid with a credit card

Transition Credit Program

  • This program allows customers to transition from using a credit card as payment to using flexible net terms credit line
  • Please contact for additional details and learn how you can best utilize this program

Flooring Program

This program provides value added resellers with access to the best terms available and a simpler, smarter way to purchase product without constraining cash flow.

Climb Channel Solutions is offering a joint agreement which allows up to 60 days interest-free financing to qualified resellers on Global Technologies purchases. The following financing companies are participants in this program: Verdant, Wells Fargo®, De Lange Landen® (DLL) and Northpoint Financing.

Key Benefits: 

  • No set-up fee
  • No annual fee or minimum usage requirements

  • After opening a line of credit with one of the above mentioned (and approved) companies, it is the customer’s responsibility to then notify Climb Channel Solutions that orders will be processed via their new selected flooring company.


For those customers that do not qualify for sufficient credit Climb Channel Solutions offers two escrow payment options.

Blind Escrow

Underwriting approval is based on the financial strength of the reseller and end user. Under this agreement, the end user is not aware of any arrangement with Climb Channel Solutions. However, the customer is required to open an escrow account with Wayside Technology Group under their own Tax ID number. Any form of payment received from the customer’s end user must then be directed through the escrow account.

Visible Escrow or Assignment of Proceeds

Under this agreement, the reseller must inform their end-user to make payment directly to Climb Channel Solutions. After receiving payment, Climb Channel Solutions will then return the agreed upon margin back to the reseller. 

Long-term or Multi-Year Financing

For credit worthy customers and qualified transactions, Climb Channel Solutions offers extended financing up to 2 years.

Note: Qualification, Interest rate and terms are determined based on credit worthiness, deal size and other factors.

For more information, contact us.